Apex exists to give very detailed information that are value-based for specialists in a way that does not exist with traditional ACO networks. 


Ready to join APEX?

The process is easy. Simply link on your area below on the map and a new page will open in the Revelation MD software for you to register. The areas we are building please send us an email by clicking here and we will let you know where we are in the process.

Still have questions?

We are here to answer them all just give us a call at 469-250-1764 or click here to email us and we will get back with you.

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Registration Web Address

APEX – Austin TX https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexaus
APEX – Baton Rouge LA https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexbtr
APEX – Colorado Springs CO https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexcs
APEX – Houma   https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexhth
APEX – Houston TX https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexhou
APEX – Lafayette LA https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexlft
APEX – Lubbock TX https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexlbb
APEX – NC-Central NC https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexclt
APEX – NC-Eastern NC https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexilm
APEX – NC-Piedmont NC https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexgso
APEX – NC-Triangle NC https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexrdu
APEX – NC-Western NC https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexavl
APEX – New Orleans LA https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexno
APEX – North Texas TX https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexnt
APEX – Oklahoma City OK https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexokc
APEX – Philadelphia PA https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexphl
APEX – Richmond VA https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexric
APEX – San Antonio TX https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexsat
APEX – SC – Charleston SC https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexchs
APEX – St. Louis MO https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apexstl
APEX – Tulsa OK https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apextu
APEX – Tyler TX https://registration.apexhpc.org/mvc/registration/index/apextyler